Bacon-Erdei Scholarship holders at the Kodály Institute

The Foundation for the Kodály Institute announced the Bacon-Erdei Scholarship for postgraduate studies for the first time in 2015 according to the bequest of the late Denise Bacon of Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA.
Denise Bacon was the co-founder of the Kodály Musical Training Institute, founder of the Kodály Center of America, and a colleague of Professor Péter Erdei for many years. From the 1970s she regularly took part in Kodály Seminars in Kecskemét and monitored the progress of those American students who studied at the Kodály Institute.
The aim of the Bacon-Erdei Scholarship is to give the opportunity for music pedagogues, researchers and performing artists for a period of 3-10 months to do in-depth research study based on Kodály-related materials or to further the candidates’ ability to perform Kodály’s and other 20th century Hungarian music.
The small expert jury – Professor Péter Erdei, Dr. Mihály Ittzés, Dr. László Norbert Nemes László – awarded the Scholarship the second time for the 2017-2018 academic year to Theo Vinden (United Kingdom) for research studies and to Javier López Jorge (Spain) for piano performance studies.
The scholarships will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of Academic Year at the Kodály Institute  (Kecskemét) at 10 a.m. on 15 September.

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