Bacon-Erdei Scholarship for the 2018-2019 Academic Year


The scholarship is a sum of net 200.000 HUF/month for a minimum of 3 and maximum of
10 months period of time to be used freely by the recipient (the candidate may suggest the length of time in accordance with his/her proposal in the application).

Purpose of the scholarship is to ease the burden of earning living expenses for a worthy candidate who plans to:
− do any particular in-depth research study (musicology, musical theory or music education) based on Kodály-related materials available in the Kodály Institute’s Library and Archives (you may refer to the Kodály Institute’s website) resulting in an original academic study in writing, ready for publication; or
− do any special study to further the candidate’s ability to perform Kodály’s and other 20th century Hungarian music, be it vocal/choral or instrumental, resulting in a public recital to be organized at the close of the scholarship period by the Foundation.

− age limit: candidate must be between 23 and 35 years of age at the time of submitting his/her application;
− candidate must prove to have earned a masters’ degree in the field of musicology, musical theory, music education or performance (vocal/choral or instrumental);
− candidate must prove to have already published some original work and submit proof of having done so;
− in case of performing artists, candidates must prove to have given recitals and must submit some examples of their live performances on DVD;
− candidate must write a mission statement containing the title and outline of the research topic or – in case of performance – the list of musical material to be studied, including the proposed length of the scholarship he/she wishes to win;
− in the application candidate must include a professional CV;
− the application must be accompanied by two letters of reference/recommendation given by well-known experts in the field.
Recipient of the scholarship must reside in Hungary during the designated time-span of the scholarship. The Foundation will help find suitable accommodation if necessary.

Scholarships must be used in any uninterrupted period of time between 1 September, 2018 and 30 June, 2019.

Deadline of application: 30 April, 2018
Please submit your application by email to
Decision will be made public no later than 31 May, 2018.

A small expert jury headed by prof. Péter Erdei will make the selection.
Members: Dr. László Norbert Nemes, Dr. Mihály Ittzés.
The decision of the jury is irreversible.

Those seeking further information may write to